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What are Perinatal Mental Health
and EMDR?

Perinatal Mental Health

People dream about what it would be like to be a parent. Sometimes the reality of having a baby does not match their dream. Because of this, 1 in 5 birthing people experience perinatal mood or anxiety disorders. Some people experience shifts in the ability to cope with life. Whether you are: trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum, have experienced trauma, infant grief, or loss, we would love to hold space for you on your journey. The therapists at Palacios Crew Counseling, LLC are all trained and/or certified Perinatal Mental Health Professionals.

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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy)

When experiencing traumatic situations or circumstances in life that we’re unprepared to navigate, our trauma responses are activated. We may go into fight, flight, freeze, or fawn mode. This can occur as the feeling of being stuck or repeating the same pattern over and over.


EMDR helps to create new neural pathways in the brain and opens up room for positive beliefs. Sometimes we are not attuned with ourselves. EMDR helps to align our beliefs, emotions and body so that they are congruent and we can show up in the world living in our truths.


Palacios Crew Counseling has two therapists who are trained and/or certified in EMDR counseling. We would love to help you on your healing journey.

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